The Perfect Marketing Plan for Newbies (Part IV)

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Marketing plan 10: Getting Traffic from Twitter

Internet marketing was dramatically changed with the introduction of social media sites including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Since Twitter was first launched people have wondered how they should use it as part of their Internet marketing plan.

Marketing plan 10.1: The Basics of Twitter

Twitter allows you to post to your followers messages of up 140 characters in length. You may be wondering how much you can say in only 140 characters. Join the club. Everyone wonders that until they get the hang of it and you will. Follow a few simple rules and you will do just fine on Twitter.

Marketing plan 10.2: What to Tweet

It is important that your tweets be more than a constant barrage of promotional messages. You will quickly lose your followers. The general rule to follow is the 80-20 rule. 80% of your tweets should be either useful or entertaining to your followers. The other 20% of your tweets can be direct promotions of your products and services.

An effective Internet marketing plan using Twitter should include humor. Humor can help you maintain long-term online relationships with your followers. People appreciate humor even if you are just providing links to humor sites, video clips, etc.

Marketing plan 10.3: Promotional Tweets

What you say in the 140 characters of your promotional tweets is important. If you do it properly you should be able to bring targeted traffic to your website. Your promotional tweets must entice your followers to click on your accompanying link to read more about the promotion. Do not try to close a sale in 140 characters. Get them to your website. That is your sole goal.

Grab your followers’ attention quickly with a catchy line. Use questions (Do you want to save a bundle on a gift for Mom?), or exclamations (A sale so HUGE you won’t believe it!). The key is grabbing their attention and making them want more information.

Marketing plan 10.4: How Often do I Tweet?

At the very least you should tweet four or five times per day. You want to stay active on Twitter in order to get more followers and to keep your current followers engaged.

If you tweet five times per day that would mean you post four general information or humor tweets and one promotional tweet. If you follow these rules you can generate traffic from Twitter as part of your Internet marketing plan.

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Marketing plan 11: Importance of Testing E-Mail Messages

E-mail marketing is a highly effective way to increase sales and market to existing customers and other members of your e-mail database. If you are going to take the time and utilize the resources to create an e-mail marketing campaign you want to make sure you do it well.

Testing e-mail messages before sending them out to your full distribution list is a great way to maximize the impact of your e-mail marketing efforts.

Marketing plan 11.1: What to Test

You should start with the basic e-mail you want to distribute. It should have your core message including promotions, etc. Once you have this core e-mail together you want to make a few variations of it. You can use different images, e-mail subjects, highlighted text, fonts, colors and text.

Try to place things in different places of the e-mail so you can see what placement is most effective when you run your e-mail tests.

This is also a good time to test different promotions. You will want to see what promotion speaks to your customer base the best. They can include things like a certain percentage off; free shipping; Buy 1 Get 1 Free; Free Gift with Purchase, etc.

After you run your e-mail marketing campaign over a period of time you will already know what promotions work the best and will not generally have to test this aspect much more.

You want to send the e-mail variations to at least 25 to 100 people on your e-mail list. This means you will be sending one of the versions to 25 to 100 people. Do not send multiple versions to the same people.

You need to monitor the results of the e-mails and see which are the most and least successful. Once you have identified the most successful e-mails you will want to see what is similar about them so you can pinpoint what is working best.

This information should help you make your final e-mail to be distributed to the remainder of your list.

Marketing plan 11.2: How Often Do You Test?

You do not have to test every e-mail message you plan to send but you will want to test the most important ones or the e-mail messages that will be the basis your overall Internet marketing strategy.

Take the time to test different e-mail messages and you will benefit with a higher conversion rate which is the key to succeeding with an e-mail marketing campaign.

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Marketing plan 13: Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a goal for virtually all Internet marketing experts. Finding or creating the next big viral marketing video can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Your goal should not be trying to come up with the next YouTube sensation. Think smaller and you can succeed.

Consider having a YouTube contest!

Marketing plan 13.1: The YouTube Contest

A YouTube Contest will enable you to harness the collective creativity of the contestants. If you offer a great prize and promote your contest well you should get a good number of entries.

The contest should be set up so that contestants submit their entries to your website (make sure they do NOT post them on YouTube). This will enable you to check the quality and appropriateness of an entry before it appears on YouTube.

The contest can be the creation of a 30-second commercial for your company or a product demonstration. Establish rules to protect your copyrights and brands and make sure it is clear that you own all rights to any videos submitted.

After reviewing all the entries choose the finalists (try for at least 10 finalists) and post the videos on your YouTube channel.

Marketing 13.2: The Voting Equals Viral Marketing

Each finalist video will be on your YouTube channel, plus you should create a separate blog entry on your blog for each video. Voting is based on the number of views multiplied by the rating of the video on YouTube plus the number of social bookmarking votes on the blog (from Digg, StumbleUpon, etc).

Basically you are setting up a voting system that will prompt the contestants to market their entry for you. They will send out the video link and ask that their contacts keep forwarding it off to their contact lists and so forth. This is creating 10 viral marketing campaigns or more depending on how many finalists you have.

Keep the voting period to about 60 days before announcing the winner.

Marketing 13.3: The Results

The results need to be tabulated carefully. Once you have tabulated the votes you should announce the winner or winners and the prize they received.

A YouTube contest is an easy way to create multiple viral marketing opportunities based on the creativity of your contestants. Make sure you market the contest well to maximize the number of entries and the quality of them. This is a great system for Internet marketing you can consider

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I wish you great wealth and much happiness. See you next time, make your marketing plan and get rich my friends!