Saving Money- The best Tips for You (Part III)


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Tip #51: Move into a cheaper apartment or home 

If your rent or mortgage is unsustainably high, then move into a cheaper apartment or home.

Tip #52: Re-finance your car 

Consider re-financing your car. If your income has increased or your credit has improved, you might be able to get a lower rate.

Tip #53: Sell your car 

Cars are expensive. Consider selling yours and taking public transportation instead.

Tip #54: Purchase a cheaper car

Sell your car and buy a cheaper one—or perhaps one that gets better gas mileage.

Tip #55: Purchase additional razor blades, rather than entirely new razors

Instead of buying a new razor, buy new blades, which are often now sold separately.

Tip #56: Re-fill ink cartridges, rather than buying new ones 

Ink cartridges can now usually be re-filled using a toolkit and some toner. This is considerably less expensive than purchasing a new cartridge.

Tip #57: Re-finance your student loans 

If you are able to re-finance your student loans at a lower rate, do it


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Tip #58: Create a carpool for getting to work 

You need to get to work; and so do your co-workers. Create a carpool to save on gas and wear-and-tear.

Tip #59: Improve your gas mileage 

Use tricks to improve your gas mileage, such as using cruise control. A few simple tricks could save you $20 or more each week

Tip #60: Add air to your car’s tires 

Adding air to your car’s tires (so that they are properly inflated) can improve your gas mileage considerably.

Tip #61: Try to fix broken items, rather than buying new ones

Fixing broken chairs, banisters, and other pieces of furniture or fixtures in your home is cheaper than buying new ones.

Tip #62: Take a bagged lunch to work 

If you’re careful, you can take bagged lunches to work for a week for the same price you would spend in a single day if you were to go out to lunch.

Tip #63: Limit the frequency with which you dine out 

Dining out can be very expensive; and it is often easy to ignore exactly how expensive it is. Try to do it less frequently.

Tip #64: When you go to restaurants, purchase cheaper dishes 

If you do decide to dine out, don’t use that as a reason to splurge. Look for cheaper dishes and drink only water.


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Tip #65: Go to less expensive restaurants 

Not all restaurants are equally as pricey. Instead of blowing all of your cash on a fancy night out, go to a cheaper one. It can easily be just as enjoyable.

Tip #66: Shop at thrift stores 

Thrift stores often carry a wide variety of second hand items, including books, clothing, and furniture. Instead of buying things new, first consider going to a thrift store.

Tip #67: Keep track of your debt 

Instead of paying attention to your minimum payments only, keep track of the total amount of debt you’re holding, including student loans, credit card debts, and your mortgage.

Tip #68: Keep track of your savings and investments 

Many people make the mistake of ignoring their savings and investment. As a result, they reap small returns—if anything. They also face the risk of large losses during recessions and bubble bursts. Pay attention to where your money is invested and saved.

Tip #69: Get term, rather than permanent, life insurance 

Don’t invest in life insurance. Instead, use it for its intended purpose: get term insurance.

Tip #70: Use local exchange sites to find furniture 

Use local exchange sites to get furniture. In many cases, you will be able to find bed frames, couches, and shelves for free.

Tip #71: Don’t store your credit card numbers online on sites 

Storing your credit card information on sites like Amazon makes it easy for you to buy things you don’t need, so don’t do it. Make it harder by not saving your information.


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Tip #72: Avoid impulse spending 

Never buy in the heat of the moment. Instead, take some time to thing purchases over—especially when they are large—before making the decision.

Tip #73: Do not spend up to your credit limit 

Spending up to your credit limit is rarely a good idea. Instead, try to stay as far away from your limit as possible.

Tip #74: Call your credit card company regularly 

Your credit card company can do a lot for you. It can lower your APR, extend payment deadlines, and allow you to enter into an extended grace payment or a debt repayment agreement. Take advantage of these services, rather than
simply not making payments.

Tip #75: Avoid carrying a positive balance on any card that has a positive interest rate 

If a credit card bears a positive interest rate, you should pay it down immediately. Instead, transfer the balance to a card that temporarily has 0% APR or pay it off as soon as is possible.

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  I wish you great wealth and much happiness. See you next time, saving money and get rich my friends!