Email Marketing-How to Build A List? (Part V)

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Using Your List

Now that you have seen how easy it is to build a quality list, you have to ensure that your subscribers remain loyal to you. You can do this by being yourself, by being careful not to blast them with too many communications and by making sure that you are always providing quality content.

Be Yourself

Many internet marketers feel as though they need to be someone else when they send communications to their subscribers. They take on a persona they believe their subscribers are expecting. This is a big mistake and it’s a good way to get your emails thrown in the trash bin.

Instead, just be yourself. Every time you send out an email, or write an article, publish an ezine, offer an e-book for download, or whatever, make sure you are being yourself. That’s who your subscribers responded to in the first place and that’s who they’ll continue to respond to as long as you remain consistent.

When writing your communications, pretend that your subscribers are sitting across the table from you. Think of what they want, what information they seek, and then provide that to them with as little fluff as possible. If you can provide them with rock solid information again and again, they will continue to stay loyal to you for years to come.

Frequency of Communication

When it comes to how often you should email your subscribers, once or twice a week is plenty. In fact, once per week is probably ideal. After all, you don’t want to wear out your welcome. You simply want to remain in the back of your subscribers’ mind without becoming so annoying that they feel the need to unsubscribe.

Think of your own inbox. How many emails do you get daily? Now consider if a friend of yours kept bombarding you several times per week with emails asking you to buy things. You’d probably start ignoring those emails before long.

That’s exactly how your subscribers will act if you bombard them with your communications. For that reason, once or twice per week is more than enough and make sure that every email you send out offers information they can use.

For example, you may send out an email one week describing, “Ten Ways to Increase Your Marketing Income!” and then the next week you may send an email stating, “Five Mistakes Most Internet Marketers Make”. Assuming that your niche is internet marketing, that’s information your subscribers will actually enjoy reading.

On the other hand, if you keep sending messages like, “Buy X Product,” or “Hurry, This Product is Almost Out of Stock!” people will probably delete your emails before they even open them. Soon, they’ll just block you altogether and you’ll never again get a chance to sell to them.

Don’t risk angering or annoying your target audience and instead have them looking forward to every communication you send out to them because of the quality information you offer.

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What you’re essentially doing is creating a brand. Just like Coca Cola is a brand and Toyota is a brand, and we expect certain things from them, your readers will come to expect certain things from you, too. That’s why you will want to remain consistent with everything you do.

Though it will sometimes be tempting, never just change things around for the sake of it. Remain as consistent as you can be with your email timings, your sending address and even your message titles. If you don’t do this, your readers may not recognize that your communications are from you and they may quickly delete them.

So create your brand, be consistent and give your subscribers what they expect. If you can do this, you will make a lot of money from your list-building efforts and you’ll be able to sustain that income for a long time to come.

Be Honest With Your List

Whether you are building your list or sending out communications, always be honest with your prospects and actual subscribers. It may be tempting to try to trick people into providing their email addresses. This is a really bad idea because you’ll only be hurting yourself in the long-run.

Not only could this affect your reputation but you’ll be gaining an email address from a person that’s not likely to buy from you anyway. Therefore, make sure you treat your potential and actual subscribers as you would like to be treated.


Also, make sure that every communication you send out has an opt-out link. This is where the person can choose not to receive any more communications from you. This link must be clearly visible and it should always work. Then, when someone does click that link, make sure you take that person‟s information off your list. It’s not just the polite thing to do, it’s also the law.

As long as you treat people as you would like to be treated, and you play fairly, you’ll ensure success with your internet marketing business and you’ll make more money than you ever imagined possible. Now get out there and start building that list now that you have more than a dozen ways to do so.

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I wish you great wealth and much happiness. See you next time, start your email marketing and get rich my friends!