Email Marketing-How to Build A List? (Part III)

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List Building Techniques

The following list building techniques have been used by internet marketers again and again to make thousands of dollars on the internet. These are all honest means of list building and they are perfect for building not only lists of email address, but quality lists of email addresses from people who are actually interested in what you’re offering.

Some cost money and some are free, but one thing is for sure: they all work. So grab a cup of coffee, relax and keep reading for the most effective ways to build quality lists that get results.


One of the most popular ways to build lists is to write a regular newsletter. The newsletter will provide quality information about your given niche. People are hungry for information and your newsletter will provide them with the information they seek.

All people have to do to subscribe to your newsletter is provide their name and email address into the required box on your website or squeeze page and they’ll get more of the great information they’re looking for. They get the information and you get their information, and everyone wins.

You don’t have to write a newsletter every week or even every two weeks. Once a month is perfect and people will actually appreciate that you’re not blasting them with too many emails in such a short period of time.


eCourses are another great way to build quality lists. You can teach people to do all sorts of things within your given niche. You don’t even have to be an expert. You can research the information online and then write a course teaching certain techniques with the intention that people subscribe to it.

Separate your course into several parts that will be delivered to their inboxes steadily over the weeks. To maximize your success, subtly sell your pre-sell your product within the e-course.


If you’re a good writer, you can write articles and then distribute them to article directories and ezines. If you’re not a good writer, you can always hire someone to do the writing for you. You must ensure that your articles have eye-catching titles and that the articles themselves provide useful information.

Then, in your resource box, include information about signing up for your newsletter. This will allow you to build a loyal readership as well as get addresses from people who are interested in what you‟re offering.

Free Membership

You can offer a free membership to your visitors that provides them special benefits for signing up. You can offer valuable information for free, but only to members who register. Then, you can upsell to those members or you can even offer various levels of membership where you’ll offer more products and more resources.

This can build even more value to your brand, your products and services because your prospects will come to believe that they are part of an exclusive club.

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Free eBooks are always a hit. You don’t have to write a Pulitzer prize-winning book, but you do need to ensure that the information provided is valuable and useful. Again, if you don’t consider yourself a good writer you can always get someone to ghostwrite the book for you.

Then, within the book’s text, you would include links to your own or affiliate products as well as to your newsletter or sign-up page. The book doesn’t have to be very long, about ten to twenty pages will do fine, but it should make your readers feel as though they downloaded something valuable.

Pop-Up Windows

When people land on your site, and encounter a unique or particularly striking pop up window, this can be a very effective way to persuade people to sign up for your newsletter. You may think that pop-up windows are annoying and that they’ll turn people off, but if they are looking for what you’re offering, and you’ve given them solid information thus far, they will often part with their email address quicker than you think.

See, people don’t like to part with their email addresses when they believe they’re being scammed or spammed. If you provide them with information they can use, they will come to you again and again because they will see you as an authority on the subject. That’s called building reader loyalty.

Free Giveaways Events

Internet giveaways events are steadily becoming a very popular list building technique. This is where you cooperate with others by giving  products away for free in exchange for a newsletter sign up. You may give away a free e-book, a report, etc.

However, be warned that people who are looking for lots of free things may not be the best people to populate your lists with as they may be less likely to respond to your attempts to sell.

Sign Up Bonuses

This is where you offer people bonuses for signing up for your newsletter. For example, you may offer them 15-20% off one of your products, or you may even give them discounts on several products. This not only makes them feel as though they’re part of something exclusive but it also builds value. That’s not even mentioning the fact that people love receiving discounts, especially if they know that all of your products offer solid and useful information.

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Tell a Friend

Why not just ask your subscribers to tell a friend about your newsletter so that you can add even more names to your list. You may tell them that they’ll receive a discount for every three people they get to subscribe, or half off, etc. This gives them an incentive to tell everyone they know, it builds value and it’s a great way to double or triple your list in just a few days.

There are plenty of free scripts that can be used to automate the whole process. Try Googling: “free tell a friend script”. Plus, if your list is already populated by quality prospects, the chances of those prospects referring other quality prospects are very good. After all, what better way to get buyers than by asking buyers to refer likeminded people?

Create a Community

You can create a community on your website where people must register to join. They’ll be given a password and it will essentially be a private club. This is another tactic that provides exclusivity, which people generally respond to. You could do this by creating a forum where you can not only build a community but you can encourage people to get into discussions about the information you offer, the products you sell, or just regarding your niche in general.

Again there are many free forum scripts available on the internet including the very popular phpBB script. This tactic will help you to build loyalty as well as interest in what you’re offering, and of course they need to register to sign up for the forum so you’ll be able to build your quality list in the process.

Joint Ventures

Another great idea is to join forces with other marketers in an arrangement that allows you to recommend each other’s lists to your subscribers. When the recommendation comes from you, who your subscribers trust, your partner’s list is sure to grow in size. And your list will grow as well, as long as that partner has been able to brand himself and build trust correctly.

However, you should never just jump into a partnership like this. That’s because you want to be certain the partner you’re considering is as serious about offering quality content as you are. If you get into a partnership with someone who regularly spams his readers, you may lose some of your subscribers in the process because they will learn not to trust you anymore.

So before you get into any marketing partnerships, make sure you are protecting your subscribers, and your integrity, by thoroughly researching any marketers who seem like they‟d be good partners in your list building ventures.

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I wish you great wealth and much happiness. See you next time, start your email marketing and get rich my friends!