Email Marketing-How to Build A List? (Part I)

Email Marketing

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If you are interested in the subject of List Building, chances are you have a product or service you’re trying to sell or you are an affiliate trying to sell someone else products. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. I am going to show you several ways to build that perfect list so that you can finally make the kind of money you’ve always dreamed about.

They say that the money is in the list, and they’re right. Now you’ll be able to make the money you want to make and you’ll be able to do it time and again because you’ll have a list of dedicated buyers who will look forward to every communication you send.

But before we get into these winning list-building techniques, it’s important to go over the reasons for building lists in the first place. It’s pointless to build a list, after all, if you have no game plan in place once you’ve completed that list.

Why Build a List?

When you set out to build a list, you are hoping to gather the names and email addresses of dedicated subscribers and prospects. You’re hoping to gain instant access to customers and also to build a following of readers for your ezines and articles, or whatever game plan you have in mind. email marketing,email marketing,email marketing,email marketing

However, these days it’s not easy to get people to part with personal information. There is so much spam out there that people have become wary of anybody who asks for their names and email addresses. For that reason, you are going to have to convince people they should offer this information to you. email marketing,email marketing

The most effective way to do this is by building trust as well as value. You must give them a good reason to part with their personal information. email marketing,email marketing

You must make them believe that you will never share their information or use it for nefarious reasons. They must believe that all you want to do is give them the information they seek. To do this, they must see you as an authority over your particular niche. And that’s just what I’m going to teach you how to do.

When you build a list, you are creating a dedicated following. These people, if you do everything correctly, will eagerly await your next communication in which you offer them the next great product or service that they’re sure to be interested in. email marketing

See, to build a quality list, people must be looking for what you’re offering in the first place. They may search for you using Google, or they may click on an ad, and that’s when they’re taken to your website that offers them something in exchange for their information. email marketing,email marketing,email marketing,

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That essentially means that, for you to build a quality list, they have to seek you out. For that to happen, you must give them an opportunity to find you. This can be done in a number of ways. You can use paid advertising, article marketing, or you can use several of the techniques I’m about to discuss. Then, once they find you and they give you their information, you’ll be able to offer them what they want whenever you want to.

If you have a new product you’re selling, you can instantly send out an email telling all your subscribers about it. If you just published an article on an ezine, you can also tell your subscribers to go read it. It’s an effective way to build a fan base that is always hungry for what you’re offering. That makes list building, hands down, one of the most effective marketing techniques ever conceived.

There are other techniques that are great for marketing, but none target a group quite like list building. When you drive down the highway, you see billboards advertising products and services and even ideologies. These billboards are designed to reach everyone who passes by. Some people may respond to these billboards, but most people won‟t. They’ll just pass them by and they’ll become essentially just another part of their surroundings.

Now, consider if you could design a billboard that could only be seen by the very people who would love to respond to it. That’s essentially the idea behind list building. You are delivering information and products to people that are looking for those exact things. That means you have a higher chance of making money than if you were to blanket market to people who may or may not be interested in what you have to offer.

Finally, the reason you want to build a list is because people often don’t buy the first time they’re offered something. For example, let’s pretend you have a product. You build a website, you fill it with quality content and you optimize it effectively for the search engines. Then, you do some article marketing and you even create an Adwords campaign to promote that site. You may get a few visitors but most people don’t buy and those that do visit never return.

Now, what if you could get the visitors’ email addresses so that you could keep in contact with them? Do you think you could convince them to buy if you could offer them more information over a longer period of time and actually build a trusting relationship with them? I bet you could and that right there is the primary reason why list building is essential to online marketing. email marketing,email marketing,email marketing,

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The Spam Problem

I don’t have to tell you just how much spam there is out there on the internet. Right now, for example, my spam box has 4,000 messages that my email provider instantly filtered and separated into its special folder. Yet, I still get plenty of messages that I have to select as spam because the email filter doesn‟t pick them up.

These spam messages are pretty easy to spot. I, like many people online, have become quite good at eyeing spam messages. Keeping that in mind, a word needs to be said about spam in the context of list-building.

Once you learn and apply the information in this article and you begin to build your own list, be careful of the communications you send to the people on that list. You must send quality information and you must be yourself.

People can smell spam a mile away these days and so you will want to carefully craft every email you send out so that it‟s not deleted outright.

Consider what information you would like to receive in your inbox if you were a prospective customer for the information you’re promoting. What types of communications would cause you to actually open the emails and read them?

You must think about this before you send a single email or else you could end up losing those valuable subscribers you worked so hard to gather for your list.

 You can guarantee that a sufficient number of people will respond to your emails once you have built trust which, of course, you do by providing them with the quality information they’re looking for. If you can do that, you will have a steady supply of customers just waiting to read the next email you send out.

Don’t add to the spam already on the internet. Provide value and you will be able to gain a loyal readership which will ultimately generate for you the return you deserve.

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I wish you great wealth and much happiness. See you next time, start your email marketing and get rich my friends!